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03 June 2010 @ 04:45 am
Thor Legacy - 5.1  
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Last time: Brian became a World Famous Surgeon before the midnight calls killed him, Caleb decided he wanted to learn every recipe available in the game and married an (almost) old woman with a dozen lovers. I decided not to kick her out immediately and just get on with the baby making. Despite Caleb's complete innocence involving all things woo-hoo, they managed it.


Chastity looks so happy to be a mother.  That must be the calmest labor face ever.

Chastity: What's the big deal about giving birth?

Daniel! Proof that we're going to have to have more than one birth this time.
Daniel is an Excitable Loner who loves Electronica, Mac and Cheese, and Irish Green.

Seeing as it works with his LTW, Caleb got a job in the culinary career (plus I REALLY want that fridge). Chastity thinks he's working that skull cap. I think the nursery isn't an appropriate place for such things.

Chastity: Ugh, not again...
One week to elder! I need a blue baby, woman! >(

She doesn't seem all that upset after hte first pop. Maybe she just doesn't like constant nausea.

Almost at the LTW!  
Caleb looks so excited about this.  Love the "How boring" look.

Grandparents continue being excellent at childcare! I almost miss the pathetic child-rearing of Sims 2 because it makes things interesting.

Brian: You really should be taking it easy, that's my grandchild you're heavily pregnant with.
Chastity: I haven't worked a day since moving into this house! I have to get something done.

Chastity: Noooo, I was almost done with that presentation!
That's a more appropriate labor face.

Dad's carrying one out. This can only mean one thing. Twins! Remember how I said that we wouldn't have more than 1 kid until gen 5? Well, I think that I spend the rest of the legacy making up for the lazy-buttness of my first 4 generations.
I'm not sure which is which, but here's a guess:

Darius. He's grumpy and insane and loves Custom Music, Parfaits, and the color grey.
I hate him already. Actually- I love insane sims, but I HATE grouchy sims and grey is such a dull favorite color.

Derek! A brave genius who loves Pop Music, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Aqua. The color or the band? No one knows.

Even the ghosts are good at childrearing! I hope being cared for by long-dead relatives won't cause the babies to be traumatized for life.


Daniel: My hand is glowing! What's going on?!

Caleb & Chastity continue their practice of foreplay in the nursery. One of your children is now a toddler, guys, he might remember this.


I gave in and bought a highchair because they wouldn't stop asking for it.  After the third time the kid got left in it because everyone was too busy I threw it into the family bin. 

Chastity will never be used to this.

Chastity: Another bundle of joy! I'm so happy!
Okay... I don't regret having you marry my heir any more.  That's adorable.

Madeline needs to skill up for the job I finally let her have.  Because I only buy books when someone rolls the wants, she spends a lot of time in the library.

Caleb: We're having a baby!
Chastity: I'm so happy!
Daniel: *crawled all the way from the nursery for attention* The TV will love me, right?

Daniel wasn't being ignored- his parents just wanted some alone time to dance.  Chastity makes it up to her son by teaching him valuable life skills while the Ghost!Founder watches TV

Still sore over that breakup?
Maid: You can't expect me to work on an empty stomach!
Start eating breakfast, then.  Bloody incompetent maids...

Chastity: So remember, if you ever trick a girl into marrying you just to knock her up every time she gives birth, make sure to give her a nice wedding with a cake and everything.

Chastity did not approve of having a private wedding.

Caleb: Oh god, what do I do?! You've only given birth to 3 children! I have no idea what's going on!
Chastity: Damn, this is a well-decorated room! I've never noticed before!

For some reason he takes one of the babies with him to the hospital before taking care of it so he stops screaming. Ace parenting, there, Caleb.

A blue baby! Finally, Chastity was officially out of time to have any more.
Drake Thor- a clumsy virtuoso who loves Latin, Hot Dogs, and Pink.

@_@  I had to upgrade the nursery to make room for 4 cribs. It's a bit crowded.

I think all the babies has finally gotten to Caleb. He's cracked.
Caleb: must care for babies. Must stop babies from constantly screaming. Must care for babies...

Hopefully work takes his mind off things!

Brian: Why couldn't my son have had a reasonable number of children? Taking care of them is exhausting.
Madeline: Babies are disgusting. Why do they keep wetting themselves? What's wrong with them?

The twins' birthday! I don't know which is which. o_o I think the top is Derek...

This is definitely Derek. Darius is a brunette. I think. Either way- it's cute that you can make the toddlers mashed up "adult-food" witht he high chair.

Madeline doesn't approve of her son's private wedding, either.

Even with twins they still manage to get the skills taught!

Darius demands to know why his mother is changing Drake's diaper and not paying attention to him.

At least he's been potty-trained, so you know he isn't being totally neglected.

I hate grumpy sims.

Still working on that LTW!
Chastity: Hun, go to bed, it's late.
Caleb: But I don't know every recipe in existence! I can't stop now!

Chastity grows to elder before her children reach childhood.  :/ That was inevitable.

Even before her youngest ages to toddler! But not by much. Toddler Drake! 

Chastity: Remember, dear, you're going to grow up and get a good education and a good career and take care of your mother in her old age
Drake: Must crawl to the activity table!

What's so interesting over there, Drake?

Oh! It's Daniel's birthday! He's now clumsy.
Drake: Yay!

Caleb got a cooking oppurtunity to give food to his great-aunt.  Aww, you're rockin' the elder look, Andy!

And Daniel's first act as a child, he uses the swings that I installed several generations ago.

And brings this girl home. We'll have to see what she looks like when she ages up.

And he's working on his culinary career for me.  I love that he's still wearing the skull cap with that.

Twin birthdays again!
Derek is on top, Darius on the bottom. I actually like the watermelon shorts.

The ghosts decide to haunt the now-empty crib. Poor Drake is all alone with this. If he could, he'd grow up to be one of those kids who has to sleep with his parents.

Derek developed the Genius trait and Darius already had it (or vice versa), so they bond over their shared love of logic.

Darius is a very morbid child. No one died. I have no idea why he wants to visit the graveyard. Is it a grumpy thing?

Derek: Yay! Daddy's playing with me!
Caleb: I love that we're so rich that we have a giant backyard.

Derek loves his daddy.

And Darius is getting along with mom. Daniel's a loner so he's fine not bonding with anyone, but I wonder who this'll leave for Drake.

Chastity: Great throw, son!

Darius knows the importance of dressing to impress- even when studying at the library.

Derek wants to please his natural cook dad, so gets working on his cooking.

The garden must go on! Actually, the garden just won't die. I ended up with an army of indestructable money trees @_@
Either way- responsibility falls to the direct descendants.  I'm not sure if Caleb is actually doing anything or just hanging out in the garden. He's started doing that a lot.

Madeline: OMGWTF some n00b just totally pwn'd me, haxx0rz!
Derek: Just ignore grandma...
RandomFriend: I was planning to.
Darius: *noms pancakes*

Derek & Darius still love the chess table! Just... not with each other?

Caleb is happy to have genius grandchildren to relate to.
Caleb: So you just carry the 4 and take the derivative and then---
Darius: Yes! I finally understand! Thanks, grandpa!

Drake ages up! The nursery is vacant for another 15 or so sim-years!

Drake: So... Grandpa... What's so great about hanging out in the garden?

Brian: ...

Daniel grew up! The eyebrows do not become him- although he does look fierce.
That's his mom in the background, cheering.  Maybe he's pissed because he wanted to be alone for his birthday.

And, as he developed a Green Thumb, he starts working on the garden! Maybe now Brian will stop standing there.

Chastity had a job in the law career. She is disgusted by the criminal scum that lurks in her city!

Drake wanted to go fishing before 6 am (why are kids allowed to roll that want when they can't leave the lot that early?) so Grandpa Brian takes him.  I think it's sweet that they're standing so close together.

Because of his LTW, he gets to make all sorts of desserts that I can't remember the name of. I think it's on fire. That's got to be a hazard.

RandomFriend: I think there's something seriously wrong with your house.
Everyone else: *ignores*

Daniel is getting quite good! I let him keep the haircut because I like it on him. You have no idea how much I wish he could be heir.

I don't know if this is the little girl he brought home from school earlier, but she's fairly pretty.

Caleb doesn't let career success stop him from playing with his boy! Which is good, because he's getting one last game of tag in before...

Triple birthday! The twins are now teens (I love Darius's epic pose there) and Caleb is now a full adult!
Derek: Wow... um... why didn't anyone come to see ME age up?

Kiley: That's the spot, a little lower
Daniel: Oh god, what am I doing, what if I mess up and she hates me?

I guess giving a succesful massage gave him the courage to make his move.  They're cute together.

And I'm ending this update on this confusing note.

What the hell, RandomTownie, what did anyone do to you?! Where you even invited over or did you just show up to kick over the trash can?