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06 June 2010 @ 11:43 pm
The River Legacy- 2.1  

Last time: Our Knowledge Sim founder decided it'd be more fun to be a family sim and rolled a family LTW. She found a wife, married her and then had enough money to have a decent house, got on with the babymaking, and my game decided to a-splode so it took several tries to actually get a baby.

Look! Good sim parenting! If only this were autonomous!

This is when I realize that I hadn't called for a nanny. *facepalm*  And when she was fired for poor performance just last week...

So we have a nanny now. She doesn't look too incompetent.

And the parents celebrate having a nanny the way they celebrate everything. Just don't get too used to that- soon you'll have kids big enough to be scarred for life by that sort of thing!

See? Yangtze is now big enough to crawl around! And, IMO, adorable.

Not so much now, though.

No, I don't think she wanted to be played with- the green fumes wafting off of her suggest something else, Emily.

They finally got that settled- so skilling time it is!

Knowledge sims. I wonder if I'll be getting a werewolf soon.

Oh god, the nannies are multiplying! Save the children!

...Or make more, whichever.

Oh no...

Damnit, what the hell?! What the bloody freaking hell?!

Yangtze as a child! Her first act was to clean up! I get the feelings he's a very neat sim.

And my first act is to make her skill.

Maxed cooking! No more kitchen fires for me!

Oh dear, please let this one work.

Teaching Yangtze how to study! Being the oldest in a legacy must be nice- you actually get all you need.

Of course, she needs to learn how to study as the headmaster can only mean one thing!

That was some damn good lobster thormidore.

Pop! So far so good!


I decide I'll try to start a garden to calm my Tam's nerves.

And because everyone and their grandmother wanted one- a kitten. I think his name is Jake.

So cute!

Tam: Excuse me, can I have everyone's attention?
I hope this means what I think it means.


Huh, didn't notice that was a fear for her... Oops. You want 6 grandchildren! Do you expect Yangtze to give them to you?!

Yangtze: I don't know how you could think I could handle having 6 kids alone.

When I made Tam I didn't know much about genetics. So it's only now that I realize that these kids were doomed to have the most boring genetics ever. The only way to fix it would have been to get a brunette mother. >_<  So, anyways, once again: Tam's skin and hair. I think this one has Emily's eyes, actually.

Yangtze wanted to, so here she is selling lemonade. No one walked by so nothing came of it. I think I sent out one of her moms to buy some out of pity.

Since my game is dedicated to killing all of Tam's unborn babies- I figured I'd see if Emily had better luck.


How am I supposed to take care of a kitten when my pregnant sims can't even stand up for 2 seconds without losing the baby?!

Yangtze- your moms are asleep. They can't play with you. This is creepy.

No, THIS is creepy. Guess I deleted Yangtze's eyes by accident... I'll have to fix that.

...Yeah... What?

One example of the stellar sims 2 parenting that w all know and hate.

This picture is to show that Xiang did get some care. Also:I got the eyes back.

Xiang grew into a toddler! Yay!

And I got them a desk because I hate that they leave their homework wherever tehy feel like without one.

Yangtze finally gets her time with mom.

Jake has grown into an adult! An adult who knows how to use the @$%@#$@#% food bowl!

Emily is pregnant again- it doesn't do well with her.

I'm not very good at gardening, either.

No, Jake! I know you couldn't find your food as a kitten- but don't take it out on the baby! D:

Whoo! Finally!

I hate cinematics. Anyways- this is Gan.

This is one busy hallway. (Yes, Emily pissed herself right before giving birth)

A very busy hallway. We gotta get you knew clothes, Yangtze!

And here's her stats. I think she's a momma's girl. Which si going to be great for the rest of this generation but is NOT helping her with the heir race.

Before getting clothes- I grab her a cell phone.

And Yangtze likes this girl.

... What. The. Hell?
I'm pretty sure she wouldn't look any better even without tha completely unflattering hair.

So we try again.

Could be worse, but I'm giving up now.

Tam: So, I was thinking, seeing as I have a promotion and all.. Maybe we should have another kid.
Emily: I don't know, we haven't really been that lucky in the baby department.

Well, that's the first pop so hopefully it'll work out.
(I think I got rid of the offending hack at this point, so maybe no more miscarriages Y/Y?)

Yangtze still enjoys fishing- just now in her pajamas.

Jake! There is food in your bowl! >(

Xiang grew up!

And so did Gan! 
I'm letting him keep the hair. XD

That is one filthy toilet. I think she just hurled in it.

Tam celebrates a (so far) uneventful pregnancy with crepes!

Yeah, this was me. I needed to make up for the time spent having miscarriages!

Here they are, though! Hanshui and Zijiang. Don't know which is which.

I just thought this was amusing. Also- That is Xiang fishing.

Yangtze- why are you standing, watching your brother do his homework, in your underwear?
Yangtze: I'm teaching him to study.
Can you put some clothes on to do it?

Yangtze is a very good big sister.

That's gotta suck- your youngest just hit toddler and you're already an elder. Sorry, Tam! 

Zijiang grew into a toddler!
His hair is still black- just it looks grey so it's at least more interesting.

Child Gan!

For some reason everyone congregated in the bathroom.
Emily: Damn, you're old.
You're next, Em. You're next.

And I decide to send Yangtze off to college because it was getting a bit ridiculous in there and the twins are almost kids.

Creepy, guys. Creepy as hell. Are they kissing on the lips? Really?

I completely forgot about the heir portrait: But here we are!

Zijiang: KITTY!
Jake: Oh god it'st rying to strangle me someone help 

Emily grew into elder! I don't know why she kept her hair.

This happened every night. Some kid would steal their parents' bed. Their moms would go sleep in the beds I got for the kids. I'd bitch about it. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Whoo! Now I really don't have to pay attention to Emily!

And, like I said, it was time for the toddlers to grow up. Zijiang goes first- impaling himself with his hair in the process!

So cute!

It was also Xiang's birthday. He grew up on the beach. Here are his stats. Also taking after his mothers- but at least he's got a unique LTW. We need to get you better hair. And clothes.

Hanshui! Maybe he'll grow into those cheeks.

And this is who Xiang finds attractive.

Not bad- but I'm not really finding any random townie teens I like so far.

Hanshui is also a momma's boy. I think it's cute, though.

Zijiang, however, prefers watching the ocean in mid-winter. Very zen.

Tam celebrates her son's teenhood by hitting him with a pillow.
I can't tell if Zijiang feels left out or just wants to pretend this isn't happening.

It's a good thing that Emily can cook. Because I'm pretty sure that a half-naked boy with girly hair talking about aliens wouldn't get into private school otherwise. Unless the headmaster's a pedophile. o_o

Time to send Xiang off to college! 

Emily! >(  You have maxed cooking! This was on purpose! I see that smirk!

I really hope you didn't do that just to attract a hot fireman to turn Yangtze straight. She's at college and you should really be more supportive than that, seeing as you're married to another woman. :/

Zijiang: They say elephants never forget, but you're not an elephant so hopefully you'll be able to forget how hard I'm kicking your ass.
Gan: I'm letting you win, moron.

Gan's birthday! If I wasn't just sending him to college I'd totally change his hair. He's not pretty enough to pull it off.

The twins dutifully practice creativity. I think it's cute.

As I said, sending Gan straight into college.

Ah, what a lovely night to go stargazing with your high-power telescope. Wouldn't you agree, Emily?

...Why are you looking at me like that?
Emily: Look behind you
Oh, dear.

At least you're an elder (and not male) so you won't be getting pregnant by this.

Knowledge sims.

They could really let you out a bit nicer than that- that's gonna leave a mark.

Knowledge sims.

Tam: This chili is excellent!
Emily:  *sticks her hand in hers* I don't know, do you think it's warm enough?
Hanshui: *Tries not to think about why his mothers are in their underwear*

This is not good parenting. This is bad parenting. Waterballoon fights in the middle of winter is very, very, very bad parenting.

But enough of that! Hanshui grew into a teenager! Which means I can get onto university!

Oh, Hanshui, why?! Why would you roll an impossible LTW that I refuse to attempt? Maybe I'll fix this in college...

Zijiang, however, rolls a much more sensible LTW.

And they go downtown to get cellphones and check out girls. Or boys. Whichever.

And make hot dogs! Apparently there were no hot girls or boys.

Ah well, I'm sure there will be plenty in college!

THIS. This is why I hate cinematics. Because they mess up my screenshots.

I will, of course, be sending them all clothes shopping.

Except Gan- I like that shirt.

It just amuses me that Gan's facing the opposite direction of everyone else.

Next update: Shopping!
Veronicasimsimpie on June 7th, 2010 01:43 pm (UTC)
LOLz I hate that LTW to! God, its difficult!
I am really likin this legacy! Keep goin!