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16 June 2010 @ 09:38 pm
The River Legacy- 2.3  
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Last time: University! Some of the kids find lifelong mates. Others (Gan, mostly) find lots of lovers that he'll likely never speak to after this, and Zijiang was fairly boring.

Another date. Another chance to beat each other with pillows in public.

Secret Society girl likes it.

Really likes it. Oh well, I'm sure this isn't too public. Maybe this is tucked into a quiet corner and...

...never mind. I guess Gan isn't really a shy sim.

This girl likes black hair, which Gan has! Well, genetically.

After a few succesful flirts, he goes in for a friendly hug and....
Townie: Don't touch me! You're dyed hair repulses me more than your black roots turn me on!

Gan is very hurt by this blow to his self-esteem. You don't need potions to win love, Gan!
(note the still-there skill LTW)

A happy Mrs Crumplebottom. I'm afraid. very, very, very afraid.

Cowgirl! She likes.
I just think her hat is silly.

Secret Society girl has money! O_O

Soon-to-be-in-law bonding. See, there's room outside for a snow ball fight!

Plus, it leaves the inside free for...

Zijiang is still boring, but doing very well in school!

/shy dance spam

I have no idea who this girl is. Or what anyone did to wrong her. I just took one look inside and there she was knocking over our trash.  Why would you wish roaches and illness on my sims?! D:

Dormie: I hate that blasted Zijiang...
You've never even met him!

I guess that she warmed up to him after all. Maybe a date will help her look past his lavender hair!

Oh, and Zijiang came to. Maybe he'd be less boring and fulfill some popularity wants.
Zijiang: I'm getting dragged along on my brother's date out of pity. I hate you.

One problem with shy sims. This happens all the time.
Date: Let's go sing karaoke/get our pictures taken! it'd be so romantic!

And these decide to pillow fight in the rain. For hours. I'll leave them be.

Hm, looks like Zijiang is having some luck with the ladies.

Unfortunately, the same kind of luck as Gan has.

See? Exact same luck.

She warms to him even

Mrs Crumplebottom: *furious knitting*
Isn't knitting supposed to be, um, relaxing?
MC: Not when you keep dropping these gosh darned stitches!
Ah... I'll leave you be, then.

So I see about finding an OTP for Gan. Just because.

This'll turn out well, right?


Jailbait. Jailbait I already rejected the thought of Yangtze dating as a teen. 

For a second I considered giving it a try, maybe send her to college. Then she rolled this.  HAHAHA no. No Jailbait for my kids.

During Lightning. Heh.
After the failure with the matchmaker, I thought I'd give this a try.

No. No you may not "play" with Maura. Ew.

Hm, I guess he got a photo.

... WHUT?
(she stole Zijiang's virginity in a photo booth?!  You've been spending too much time with Gan, boy!)

.... at least they were friends first?

Yeah.... he got laid.
Zijiang: Did I ever! 

Gan: My boring brother got hot, casual photobooth sex with a woman he just met and I can't get a girl I've been wooing for a few days to hug me. I need a drink.

Heh- I like that it looks like they're sandwiching this guy. He doesn't mind.

Doing things backwards again.
Also, blonde girl, no gushing over Gan when you just took his brother's virginity! D:

Hopefully this'll let Gan regain his wounded pride.

Another lover!

I guess it didn't. Check out that face.
Gan: I will out-sex that boring brother of mine if it's the last thing I do!


Hm.... Yes, I think illustrating the ability to contort your arms and give a massage 10 feet away would win my heart, too.

Ah, romance sims.

Zijiang: I finally got laid and the girl is more interested in my brother than me. I need a drink.

Gan: Uh... geez... sorry, man.
Xiang: I'm going to punch you in the face if you don't fix this.

Hanshui is still rockin' this.

Another date where a sibling went along. This time Yangtze & Jenna get to have a date. They make the most of it.

Gan tries out his skills.

Not that he has any.

Gan: If I forget what happened, no one will remember.
Please dont' get a drinking problem, Gan.

Yangtze gives it a go. Maybe if she crashes it'll help her brtoher feel better.

Oh, right, she wants to be Captain Hero.
Yangtze: This is easy!
Rub it in, why don't you?

Jenna: Damnit, Yangtze! I wanted to go and now you're making me look bad!

Sorry, but everyone knows that was on purpose. You're just making it worse.

I don't care what's going on. CUTEST SAD FACE EVER.

Dangit. I need lovers, not ex-crushes, Gan!

That's better.

And they seal it with a massage while a creepy townie looks on.
Townie: I like to watch.
Moving on...

Gan: Maybe if I were a girl and had breasts I'd be able to hold a steady relationship
Maybe if you weren't a romance sim...

Got a haircut for Zijiang because Gan still needs to badge up.

How does this keep happening? ^^;

So I send Zijiang to the gym to level up. He's looking good.

She'd probably think so, too, if she weren't self-absorbed.

Oooh- flowers? Chocolates? Promises you don't intend to keep er, presents?

(She did this five times.)

 I finally just sent Gan out to greet her.

And got this.

I also gave her new hair. I like it.

I gave Jenna new hair, too. Sadly, the new hair does not drown out her awful playing.

Because I hated his career, I re-rolled him when I got the chance.

This is what he rolled.

 I'm pretty sure that isn't for you.
Jenna: Wow! I must have a secret admirer! I'm so happy!

Term papers.

Yangtze celebrates its completion by rocking out. Oh yeah.

And Gan celebrates the proper way. By getting high on "bubbles".

This initialyl confused me because, last I checked, Adrian lived wiht them. Then, some 20 sim years later, I realized that moving in Jenna kicked him out. Oops.

Xiang passes out in his bowl. In the cold. He does have a hard major.

And an outing. AKA: a chance for me to find more lovers for Gan! 

Stalking Gan will not make me let you date him.

The townie was so offended by that TV show that he illustrated it by punching through Gan's torso.
Oddly, Gan doesn't mind.

There is a special level of fail for sims who wet themselves right next to the freaking toilet.

At least he managed. Although this is getting creepy.
Gan: Excuse me, but I'm about to go to the bathroom. Would you mind leaving?
Townie: No, no, I like to watch.

Gan doesn't mind. Oddly.

Tosha's LTW.
AKA: why Xiang has effectively been removed from heir race. Bloody family sims.

Among these two, it's Yangtze who removed herself. She doesn't mind, though.

Tosha celebrates by making food in her lingerie. I'm sure yangtze approves.

Zijiang shows off his awesome guitar skillz.
They are awesome, as are his abs. Unfortunately, he's still boring.

More in-law bonding! Now over bubbles!

This guy walked by- I felt like seeing about getting Gan on a date with him. Unfortunately, Gan is already too straight and that guy can't be fixed up to my satisfaction, so not worth the effort.


Apparently Gan was able to get crush with this guy, though.

Probably not gonna be genetic material for the legacy, though.

Tosha & Jenna play ball in matching outfits!

Pretty sure this is Hanshui. Don't worry, Gan can fix that... I think.

Yangtze: Mom wants 6 grandkids... I better adopt so I don't have to have all 6 of them.

Nuuuuuu. Please don't let there be drama in my happy dorm.

Another date. This animation is so sweet.

The date went well.

Vampire. Hmm. (also: I'm not responsible for dormie's white eyeliner)

She had to leave before that could develop into anything. I have her number, though.

Luckily, there was someone else to up his tally. You haven't seen any dates with her because, well, I haven't been chronicling the dates extensively because that'd be boring.

Why not? It's kind of hard to find 20 eligible women who aren't related to you and are interested in you and aren't married.

Plus- I finally get a Leap Into Arms picture that isn't creepy! :D


Double awesome. Which brings us to:


ILRomance sims. In the middle of the date with redhead, hat girl stepped in and I think she actually (at one point ) started making out with him and redhead was just cool with it.  Romance sims are so amusing. (They're all, if I remember correctly, romance. Gan only dated a handful of knowledge and one or two pleasure- the rest were romance)

I ended up deleting all my custom content and Gan's hair was lost. He was reduced to this. -_-

Hanshui wears it well- but GAH

Nooooo, not Yangtze's gorgeous ribbons!
Oh, um, and fire. But, really, that's not news anymore. Even the cafeteria guy, who's about to burn to death, doesn't care any more.

Hello there.
I didn't show you this because it'd be worthless spam- but I saw him on one of Gan's dates and decided I want his genetics. And Hanshui seems to be the only person who's attracted to men... and I don't like his partner (heh- ignore that) So....

Good good good.

I would yell at Gan's date for heart-farting over Hanshui- but Hanshui's gay and about to cheat on his fiance under my orders, so I can't complain.
Also- that's not a puddle of piss. It was raining. Honest.

Townie: I can't believe they're doing this right in front of me. ++
Hanshui & Townie Guy: *ignore*

Gan: Damnit Hanshui! That's my date! How am I supposed to seduce her if you  sandwich her between you and some guy?!
Gan's Date: I don't mind, really.

I, however, did. They were doing this for an hour or so.

Photos! No, really, no funny business. Hanshui might actualyl care about upholding his relationship.


Eh heh. Well positioned flames.

Gan's date finally got out from between the two (presumably gay) men and sexy times were had. She looks so unimpressed.

Haha.... Great picture. Let's zoom in.

Adrian: But... but... you said you'd always love me!
Hanshui: That was before I had a hot guy fall for me! GTFO!

Hanshui's date: I'm so happy I met him. I'll bet he's just a wonderful, upstanding, honest man!

That's just not nice, Hanshui.

He's so sad, but his heart is filled with burning rage.
Sadly, there was no drama after that. Not one stolen paper.

Just to make sure we don't get a repeat of that... Let's meet who this girl thinks his OTP is.

At least he's not jailbait.

Don't look so smug, woman.

He doesn't clean up too badly. I also have to admit that Gan is cute in that look- but I miss his old style.

The Lightning bolts have spoken.

Creepy, Tosha. This is another reason your fiance isn't heir.

He does look good in a ski cap, though.

Hanshui... You aren't never nude. That isn't even an option in this game. And even if you were- you still shouldn't be showering in your clothes... So, um, wtf?

Xiang: I love you so much! *smooches Tosha's hand*
Tosha: I'm so glad you're in my life!
Gan: AARGH! C'mon guys, I'm trying to sleep!

Tosha & Xiang: *ignore*

Yangtze: Why doesn't this ever get any easier?
Hanshui: Feel the burn... 

This professor's hat is made of win.
That is all.

Not you, too, Yangtze! It's a prudish epidemic!

I end this update on a happy note:
Yangtze got her hair back!

Great Hera!: hedgehogeasyas314 on June 19th, 2010 11:13 pm (UTC)
I love Yangtze's hair, glad she got it back!

College years definitely aren't boring with these kids, huh? The picture with Hanshui and both his mistress and (ex)boyfriend was awesome, I can't wait to see what happens next!