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12 July 2010 @ 01:31 am
The River Legacy- 2.4  
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Sorry for the delay- got sick. Last time- Gan proved that Romance trumps Shyness, Zijiang manages to get lucky, the Matchmaker decides that Gan is a pedophile, Yangtze shows that she has the fitness to be Captain Hero on the dance sphere, Gan turns to alcohol, and Hanshui has lots and lots of romance drama.

So, since Gan didn't get a chance to see how things went with the vampire- I had him call her up and invite her over.

Xiang: So, as a Countess, you must be loaded, right?

Xiang: Come on, you've got bags of cash lying around, right?

Countess: Of course I do, actually. I like to keep them around in moneybags.

She seems to approve.

And Yangtze rolled these. Even though she's engaged. I know that it's Spring and these are spring wants- but shouldnt' they be about her fiance? 

Xiang is apparently partied out. Despite not partying. Few too many hours on the bubbles...

I fixed Gan's hair. (Try to ignore how angular his shoulders are- I know I do)

Jenna doesn't care that she has a bed- apparently the couch is more comfortable.

Ouch. I guess things really have been busy with college for this to happen...

Fortune sims. Even on dates, all they can think about is cash.

And Karaoke. (yes, this was a fear of Gan's. as usual)

So I decide to give this another go.

A... professor...

Not a good sign- he's still thinking about another girl on his date.

That really isn't going to happen. Ever.

She walked by. She was kind of cute. I sent Zijiang out to see if they got along. They didn't.

Gan got some hairstyling experience, though, so it wasn't a total loss. She's pretty.

Just so we don't have a repeat of what happened with Hanshui- I'll see who her OTP is. And I was still a bit nervous that she REFUSES to roll wants involving Jenna unless they're on a date.

(her girlfriend is sufficiently distracted. Thank you, Hanshui.)

That's a definite "no".


Oh dear.

This is bad timing- this really sucks.

Which is a shame, because, well, damn. Awesome.

Gan, you better be afraid. Very, very, very afraid.

Gossiping to your date does not constitute "fear".

Professor: Wow, infidelity is so hot!
Yangtze: I don't know what's going on, either. I'd, um, certainly never do something like that...

Damn it, why are we paying him to burn down the kitchen?!

Xiang: And I'm so hungry, too!

Yeah, I don't think that'll happen...

Apparently her aspiration score is pretty low. So, just out of curiosity, I decide to see what her LTW is.

GAH NO ADF%@#$!#$@%

College. Where you can drown your sorrows in "bubbles".


I'll miss him. Well, maybe not.

Farewell! Maybe we'll see you again!

Everyone is so broken up about this.
Xiang: Isn't that Hanshui's ex hitting the bubbles pretty hard?
Like you're one to talk.

Coach: Come on, get off that couch! Drop and give me 20!
Xiang: I am so awesome.

Okay, that's just creepy. Do you really have permission to go into the women's room?

Coach: Well, I don't see any of the ladies complaining.


Their maid (yeah, I got them one). I never noticed how much detail there was on the lace hat.

And she apparently finds the weather fascinating.

Again, no. geez- Why do you like her so much? She hates you!

I'm guessing that Adrian's either gotten over hte breakup or thinks bubbles are more important than being away from his half-naked ex.

Although, I can't really blame him for needing them since he lives in the dorm (again).


So this is no surprise.

And, since we never see him without his glasses... not bad.

And he cleans up even better! I adore this guy, is it too obvious?


Apparently the way to Gan's heart is by literally inserting your hand into his backside. Get a room, you two!

The professors really should have memories of woo-hooing with "Mystery Sim", because this is kind of weird.

Nice gift, though. Not that they need it here...

Xiang graduates, and takes a moment to contemplate the weather.

I had Tosha drop out, too. It's not like she needs a degree with her life goal.

Ah... wonderful outfit. Hopefully we see you again so you can be in a better outfit.

Gan decides to head out and try his hand at gambling. It really doesn't matter how it turned out- he ahs enough money anyways.

Celeste: Oh my gaw! I haven't seen you in FOREVER! 

Hm, maybe she's forgiven him and those wants he keeps rolling are workable after all.

Gan: I still got it.

Celeste: God, I hate that pig and the girl he cheated on me with!

Never mind.

(Gan got called up to go on an outing) And there was a fight!

Between two people I've nver seen before! Is this common?

But Gan smooths it over with a wild game of Myushuno!

Townie: Man, that blonde guy is so hot. I'd like to polish his missile!

Sorry, townie, I'm afraid he's taken. And probably not interested in you anyways.

Geek love.

It rocks. (he had a good time)

Apparently an eyeglass download I had was malfunctioning...

So. Let me explain.  Gan was on a date and, afterwards, I did a "scope room" and this girl (who was, at the time, a teenager) lit up- even brighter than his date, who he was very into. So, curious and in need of more suitors, I decided to age her and a few other teens up for college.

They got on well. (for anyone not familiar with the cinematics- he just got her first kiss)

He also got this girl's, who I affectionately call Happy Goth. I give her a more fitting makeover later.

See? If someone doesn't marry her into this legacy- I will be sad.

They got on very well.

Whoo, whoo, wonder what's happening here...


That's more like it...

Mrs Crumplebottom doesn't approve.

Mrs Crumplebottom STILL doesn't approve.

Awwww. *is so used to romance sims fearing this*

Another date.

Date: Aww, he's so small and adorable! Can we keep him?

It's been awhile. Or was this his first? Either way.

Yeah, another date.

The attraction scores as of now. And Happy Goth's name (I like Happy Goth better). Too bad she wasn't higher.

Uni is over!

Gan: *waves* I'll miss you so much, bro! Sorry you'll be rotting in the spare house because I'm undoubtedly heir
Hanshui: We aren't leaving for 3 days, moron.

Gan was on a date with the girl in the white dress, when this happens.

Gan: Oh, hey, I hope you don't mind this or anything...
Girl: No, no, it's fine. I like to watch.

Plus, there was something else to focus her attention on.

This is so adorable.

She approves.

Knowledge sims.

Everyone else.

Unfortunately, the vampires had to run off. (yeah, I started doing the dates on the other lot because it was boring to always be controlling Gan)

As for this: The Countess got jealous of his date with Knowledge-Girl. Whoops.

Let's see how the sibs react to Gan's newfound vampirism.

about the way you'd expect. The vampire is happy, everyone else wants the coffin for themself.

Knowledge sims.
(Also, the engagement want. Glee!)

Yeah, I can't blame her for being pissed off at her gay brother-in-law sitting down nude next to her while she sleeps. Creepy there, Hanshui.

But not as creepy as the vampire-bite-orgasm-face Gan's giving him...

Vampire BFFs.

I love the bat animations.

And, seeing as he's a knowledge sim and he's a knowledge sim...

D'aww, even his hissing face is cute.

Um, Hanshui, you are.

And it's only natural that this would be the next step.

As I said- everyone wants the coffin.

Happy Goth!

And she makes 20. It's no surprise that a Knowledge sim would fall for a vampire.

Or want to be one.

Gan's new LTW.

Since we won't be seeing her for awhile- one last pic of happy goth.

What all the kids grew into. Ah, the hair! Gan, why?!

Also, while they were gone, I rebuilt the house. And Emily managed to set the place on fire. Go Emily.