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21 September 2010 @ 07:45 pm
The River Legacy- 3.1  
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Last time: Our double heirs moved in, no one paid attention to Hanshui's wedding, Gan got fired because his vampirism causes his mood to plummet before work, Gan got engaged and, sadly, did not go into aspiration failure thanks to his being permaplat (boo), the countess invited herself in to try the "bubbles", I found out Charles was level 9 of the military career, Hanshui got knocked up, the spares had babies, Gan cured his vampirism, Gan's wife got pregnant, and Hanshui had an adorable girl named Annan.

Hanshui is working off the baby weight. No flab for this vampire!

As these two celebrate their impending kiddo.

I don't know how vampires manage to improve their charisma with no reflection. But they do. o_O

Yeah, not shaping up to be the greatest dad, evar- Charles.

The contessa does not forgive. And she does not forget.

Gan! Continuing the habit of romance sims being awesome aunts and uncles!

Who play awesome guitar!

That face is completely chill- he knows we're watching.

Pregnancy is not good on her. :(

Another pop!

Gan: Hey, sweetie, let's make it official so these kids have my name, okay?
Danielle: How romantic!

Still no breakdown. *sobs*

Oh, Emily, this is just fail. epic, epic fail. D:

He is so proud of himself for stealing an invisible newspaper to spite Emily.  Why does he hate Emily? I have no idea.

I just found this cute.

Pregnancy is really not agreeing with danielle.


Danielle looks like she's about to crack here. Quick, a competent adult! Take the baby!
Crap, this is the sims 2.

Anyways, a boy named Boyne. Isn't he cute?


Emily: Now that I'm permanently fulfilled, I've been thinking about getting into sculpting or something...
Danielle: Well, I was thinking you could take care of the little darling until he was big enough to stop spitting up on me!
Tam: *stares*


Is this a nanny being competent or incompetent?

Did anyone really expect competent?

This is how Danielle deals iwth babies. And also why her future kiddos are probably gonna be a bit tweaked.

This is how you can get a vampire gardener.

This is how you get baby vampires.
 (just kidding- the game doesn't let you)

Fishing. I chose a really sucky lot for this house, this was the only way I could get a flat surface to fish.


Annan grew into a... uh... hairstyle. Of some sort. At some point I really need to start changing Toddler hair.

This is how knowledge sims celebrate toddler hood- skills!

This is how Grandmas celebrate toddlerhood.

Boyne is a toddler, too! And he didn't get a party. I don't remember why.  I love his hat.

Charles, if I get alien babies they better be coming out of Hanshui!

er... this is not what I had in mind. YOU ARE A VAMPIRE, MAN
Charles: What is that burning smell? It's disgusting

Gan & Hanshui: *studying*
Charles: *watches the Cooking Channel*
That's the smart way to learn.


This outfit is even more badass on a vampire.

His new LTW.

Boyne: I TIWED!!!!

Oh, that's what.
Danielle: Toddler? What toddler?


The adults relax after a hard day of whatever it is they do all day.

I think Tam is losing it.

Annan as a child! And her first act is... to... splash in the water. Right...

she's cute.

And she soon learns the joy of "bubbles". Where are her adult role models to tell her to stop?!

Oh... talking to the plants. Um, good use of time there, grandma.
(yeah Emily got gold in gardening- maybe now I'll get some half decent fruit!)

Annan: But how can I be doing so bad already?
Maybe it's the pirate get-up.

Hanshui, the good parent that he is, teachers her to study so she'll do better next time.

Boyne grew up!
And promptly thrusts his arm thorugh the pain of glass. Okay then.

Say it with me now: D'aww!

Glee. Emily can make me a servo now!

Seriously, children, where are your parents?!

Oh, right...

Gan and Danielle are also showing that they can appreciate each other's company even while fully clothed.

Or not.

Annan: Daddy told me that he and my other daddy had a really awesome wedding party. Why didn't you?
Gan: *ignores*

Annan: Unca Gan, did you teach Boyne how to walk?

Gan: Teaching children how to walk is not for rock Gods!
Annan: *leaves*

Gan: How dare the wall over there stop me from watching the TV in front of me!
Charles is confused, too.

They both need to get in better shape.

Lookin good!


(at some point after this I got the mod that lets you have more than 8 sims on a lot)

With 2 knowledge parents, we really wanted the headmaster to visit. With them both being vampires, Annan was left to deal with him.

Hopefuly the sparkly food will distract from your table manners.

Charles: You taught her that, didn't you?
Gan: *mouth full* Huh?

What's your problem?


Charles celebrates by actually spending time with his child!

While Boyne steals his coffin.

*fingers crossed for alien babies*

But I didn't have the mod yet. So no babies now.
I cheated one in later.


The responses.
Nanny: *doesn't care*
Charles: Who's a kitty! Are you a kitty? Yes you are!
Emily & Annan: *playing*

I think he might be traumatized by this.

Boyne: ah... this helps.

Annan: What are the aliens doing to daddy?

Yeah, that's what

Knowledge sims.

Family: Oh god, what happened to you?!
Nanny: WHOOO!

The cat is far, far more interesting than a guy who's just been abducted by aliens.

Tam rocks out!

Boyne: Hey Annan!
Annan: Ugh, I'm over here dork.

Boyne: Are you sure this is safe grandma?
Tam: Of course! It won't hurt me at all!

Emily is getting badged up like crazy.

Danielle: How am I being beaten by a 3rd grader?!

Hanshui: I'm just saying, I think Annan would like a sibling of her own, she isn't getting along with Boyne.
Charles: Yeah, I'm still not going to be the one carrying it.

Boyne: *passes out*

I got the insurance notice, and desperately searched the house just in time for this. D:  Nooo, Tam! You will be missed!

Danielle: Wheee! I'm flying!
Charles: D you mind, I'm trying to study here.

Er, glad you're all so choked up...
Wendy: SimsToddlerCrylumy12 on September 22nd, 2010 09:56 pm (UTC)
Heeeee! Much amusement in this post! I love the bubble-bonging, toddler-forgetting Sims :D