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24 September 2010 @ 08:02 pm
The River Legacy- 3.3  
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Last time: Annan grew up & went to college, Boyne grew up and took awesome care of his baby cousin and, later, his little sibling. Emily died and Hanshui started seeing social bunnies and making anti-ghost rules.

Servo wasn't going in there to do anything illicit- just to get some sleep. Even though it was daylight and he could have easily recharged.

It's baby time again!

I got this hack. P-:  Hm.... surprise me!

Twins! Fitzroy and Endeavor! I think Endeavor is a girl and Fitzroy is a boy. But I have no idea.  Too many to keep track of.

Danielle plans to kill him for having more babies than she does.
I don't know why a pleasure sim wants babies- but boy does she.

Birthday time!

First: Daintree is now a toddler!

And Coen is now a child! 

Well, he doesn't look as awful as he did as a toddler.

Kitten: *plots cruel murder of the cuddler*

That's better. I think.

Sick of having so many sims, and now no longer quite as in need of babysitting services, I send Boyne off to college. Both his parents send him off.

See you whenever this legacy gets to uni!

Yeah... someone needs to feed the cat, but everyone is busy skilling. D:

Charles: How am I losing to my own son?!

Someone should also feed the toddler (this explains why the cat is so hungry)

Yay! Now get your vampiric ass back inside before you die!
(also: NO ONE looks good in that uniform)

(ugh, those two are like rabbits... Or maybe this is just fat)

Either way, twin birthdays!

I'm pretty sure this is Endeavor

And this is Fitzroy.
But I could be totally confused. (EARS!)

Charles: Who's a cute, now well fed kitten?
Servo: Pregnant bitch, that's my kitten.

Well, don't look too excited about being a rock god, there, Gan.

Servo is helping to teach Coen charisma.

Shy speech giving. Soooo adorable! 

Ah, I guess it was just fat! No pain no gain, Charles!
(also: yay, hopefully no more babies please God)

And I decide it's time to cure Hanshui of vampirism. I don't need that many immortals running around (and I really wanna keep Charles because he's so friggin pretty)

:/ he looks better as a vampire.

Charles doesn't let his spouse's return to humanity interrupt his chess match.
Charles: One day I'll beat Coen...

Danielle: Ugh, that brat is disgusting!
Servo: *is working on it*

Somehow the toddler got out and is playing in the puddles. Awww.

This? This is not so cute. Way to waste the smart milk there, Daintree! >(

If this were my bathroom, I'd be worrying, too.

Toddler: *teaches self how to walk just to get away*

Nummy sparkly food!
Coen: Why doesn't my family want to eat with me? Is it because I'm green?

Coen works on getting his little siblings to love him.
Servo waits patiently.

Er... that face makes me think he's about to crack and kill us all. *inches away slowly*


Gan to the rescue!

...wait, what?

Charles: Oh crap I had food on the sto-- where'd it go?

The kitty grew up!

and now so is Daintree!


Coen: Auntie Danielle, please play with me.
Danielle: *grumbles over the green brat* Attack, kitten! Sick 'em!

Thankfully, Gan knows how to distract his wife's homicidal tendencies. (I love that face)

This is the reason to marry a romance sim.



Much better. See, you can have fun without trying to overpopulate my house! :D

If the sims ever came out with a murderous servo rampage patch, we would all be fucked.

Daintree tries to work on his charisma to see if that'd help him get along with his family.

Hanshui: Thanks for waiting while I finish eating, sweetie.
Charles: No problem, I don't have anything better to do- what with the immortal life. All the time int he world to do anything. Pretty nice.
Hanshui: Are you trying to say something abotu how I'm no longer a vampire?
Charles: What gave you that idea?

Servo searches for truth in the galaxy.

Servo: *gasps* A vampire!

Vampire: How dare you spy on me! *chews out*
Servo: *sobs* I'm sorry, please don't make me your braindead minion!

Servo: *continues sobbing*

Servo: *smirks*



*backs away very, very slowly*

This isn't a surprise when you consider that the cat is the ONLY one in that house that pays any attention to poor Coen

Even his cousins get more face time with his dads.

Danielle: So, sweetie, I wanted to try something you enjoy. Why do you like fishing?
Gan: The peace and quiet.
Danielle: Oh, yeah, that is so nice- so, what do you want to talk about?
Gan: ...


Danielle: Gan you are so hot
Gan: I rock at fishing.

Gan, that's not the right response.

Gan: You're hot, too, sweetie!

Much better.

Nuuu, kitty! Not my unused waste bin!

Servo continues doing everything the adults can't be bothered.


Isn't she cute?

I don't know how the toddler got back there. But he did.

Servo: Yay! Happy Birthday!
Danielle: God that was over, like, 5 minutes ago! That robot should shut up.
Gan: *ignores*

Because it's time for the second birthday!

Uh... yeah.. don't know why he's coming in again

I think he's cute. Whichever one he is.

Heir/brother-in-law bonding time!

And Charles without his glasses. D'awww. Now can you see why I'm keeping him ?

Danielle: How dare he play with someone who isn't me.

Danielle: You are mine, you hear me?! *smacks*

I would not mess with that face.


%Q#%!#$@#%QTV AFSDQWE%R@%#%@!$!$ADGAD FDST%#$%@#$%#%#$%#


Danielle: Don't you think something should be here to stop me?

Hanshui: I am so awesome
Endeavor?: Who is that weird green kid that lives here?



*burps into the mic*


(until next time.)