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15 July 2010 @ 01:05 am
The River Legacy- 2.4 (and a half plus Spare update)  
1.1 ~ 2.1 | 2.2 | 2.3 | 2.4

Last time: Xiang displayed his social graces when talking to rich vampire countesses, Yangtze made me question her devotion to her fiance, Jenna ended up sleeping on the couch, Zijiang tried getting to know a girl who had no interest in him, Yangtze & Hanshui tried the matchmaker with varying degrees of fail, Gan got caught cheating and immediately wanted nothing more than to be with that girl (his date found that hot), Happy Goth!, Gan found his OTP and fulfilled his LTW, Gan became a vampire then got caught cheating by the countess, Hanshui and his beau Charles both wanted to be vampires and to get engaged, and they graduated college.

The new house. No windows because, well, there are 3 vampires there. Windows seem like a bad idea. And, yes, that's the countess out in broad daylight to steal the paper.

Gan finally got his hair fixed! Again!

No one invited her in or even said two words from her. What are you doing here?!


And we had to move her in. Or maybe I moved her in automatically. Either way- this is how Gan says "hi".

D'aww. That's a bit creepy, guys.

Wedding time!

Here's how much everyone cares.

Hanshui & Cahrles: I'm so happy that we're finally getting married
Emily: I wish my kids could still get A+ report cards.
Everyone else: Let's toast to each other!

At least Hanshui's parents came?

Charles' LTW. Um... you are a knowledge sim, right?

Okay, guys, now toasts are appropriate.

They preferred pillow fights.

Emily & Tam: What a beautiful wedding!
Stray Dog: That was so moving!
Charles: Thank you... I'm glad someone noticed...

A wedding must.

Don't worry, Hansui, the stray dog wants to sit with you!

It was a good wedding. Sadly, for some reason, they didn't get to go in a limo to have a honeymoon. D:

So they had a honey moon of their own.

Complete with pillow fights.

Gan still has to work. Sadly he's bound to kill himself getting there.

This gives you an idea of what Charles' job was. *whistles*

This is what happens when you almost kill yourself getting to work. :(  I know what'll make you feel better!

Who could say no to this face?

Now I'm sorry that I fulfilled his LTW. I didn't get a breakdown at the engagement like I wanted. I promise- next time I have a Romance heir- I'll do it right! 

Hanshui starts skilling for his new job as a professional criminal. I wonder what Yangtze (who's to be Captain America) feels about that.

Charles: Who's a good kitty? Are you a good kitty? Yes you are!
James: I'm going to kill him.

Oh, and these are Charles' skills. Which is why he's almost at the top of his career. Holy crap. He's going to do FINE in the Athletic career.

First pop!

Hanshui thinks he still looks good.

And, since Emily wants 6 grandkids and I wanted to make sure she got them. The spare babies! Um, no, I don't remember their names.

4 total.  /baby spam.

Alright, alright, fine...

Gan: Hm, what an odd flavor...

Matchmaker: Argh, I just can't get the right shine on this...

Gan: Wow... this is great...
Matchmaker: I know, you can see your face in it, can't you?

This is how romance sims celebrate.


And this is where Gan was during the whole fire.

Synchronized skilling!

Oh, Emily, no.... You have so many kids to call up if you're lonely!

And I'm not neglecting her- she was just "blowing bubbles" so long she forgot to eat.

Hanshui: *hisses* the sun!
Charles: He looks so cute when he does that.

Labor! This only means one thing.

Awesome as heck birthing animations.

Meet the first child of Gen 3. A girl named Annan with Emily's skin, grey eyes, and black hair.

This time I'm going with Australian river names in alphabetical order (it helps me remember who was born when- with double heirs that helps)